2016 — 2021


Photo by Stelios Tzetzias, Your and AI: Through the Algorithmic Lens, Pedion tou Areos, Athens, GR 2021
Abra: Digital Exhibition, Left Contemporary, Windsor, ON, 2020

Xpace Cultural Centre, Toronto, ON, 2020; Photography by Roya DelSol
Scan the Difference: Gender, Surveillance, and Bodies Series, VBKÖ, Vienna, AU; Curated by Vanessa Gravenor, Nina Prader, and e. bonhomme
Syphon 5.1: My Life is Not Your ______., Modern Fuel Artist Run Centre, Kingston, ON, Online and Print

Alienated Rhythm (with Jonathan Chacon), Ori Gallery, Portland, OR, 2018; Curated by Yun Chiu

Ali, in their video Abra (2018), is in conversation with Amazon’s customer-obsessed mascot, Peccy. Their discussion about working-class labor, surveillance, and bubbles (economic, social and soap filled), literally paints the video orange. They contend that orange is the contemporary color of labor and surveillance, it is racialized and classed.