video art program, file-2019 / electronic language international festival, sesi gallery of art, sao paulo, br, 2019

digital carnival, vancouver, bc; curated by cinevolution media arts team (2018)

image still from: hiba ali, con-tain-er, 2017

an elsewhere within here, installation view, acre project gallery, chicago, il, 2017

her environment #7: murmurs and palpitations, tcc gallery, chicago, il, 2018

performed at 13th street repertory theatre for act up's situational conflicts/ conflictual situations; curated by nick faust (2017)
con-tain-er performance document (2017)

ut-austin, crate, computer screen, lcd tv, 2 hd 1080 video, balloons, spotlights and 2 speaker sets, 2017

the con-tain-er installation excavates the shipping container industry and traces historic "flows" of people and goods: the silk road, spice trade, goods and migration. the present-day movement of goods across borders, zones and spaces is commonplace in our daily reality; however, it is relegated to the background of our contemporary globalization. the performance work done through the popping of balloons and patrolling an artificial border of amazon-ordered catch-all "international" flags calls to attention the axis on which cultural exchanges have occurred. through text and the femme body of an employee in an all-black attire wearing a blue-tooth device, the worker is provided instruction on how to speak about the history of global exchanges. she ruminates on a different method of circulation that is equity-driven rather than profit-driven. circulation is emblematic of the global shipping industry. this installation refers to the uneven spread of globalization, specifically how corporate production purposefully makes invisible off-shore labor into an easily discarded tag of "made in___."


  1. 2018 Her Environment #7: Murmurs and Palpitations, TCC Gallery, Chicago, IL
  2. 2018 Digital Carnival, Vancouver, BC; Curated by Cinevolution Media Arts Team
  3. 2017 An Elsewhere Within Here, ACRE Projects, Chicago, IL; Curated by Josh Rios
  4. 2017 New Normal, The Hangar – UMAM D&R, Istanbul, TR; Curated by Hiba Farhat and Murat Adash
  5. 2017 Electric Women Archive, Curated by Lauren Valley, Online


  1. 2018 Review: Between the Body and the Touchscreen: A Review of “Her Environment #7: Murmurs and Palpitations” at TCC Gallery, Luke Fidler, Newcity
  2. 2017 “The New Normal” at Supa Salon, Istanbul, Mousee Magazine


2018 Go Amazonify Yourself! Skype Lecture (in conjunction with Her Environment #7: Murmurs and Palpitations exhibition,) Online, Chicago, IL & Austin, TX


2017 Conflict Situations/Situational Conflict Performance Festival, 13th Street Repertory Theater, New York, NY; Arranged by Nick Faust, ACT UP