Still from CURSES music video, 2019
Swedish Fish Selects, 2019
Promo from Alienated Labor exhibition, Portland, OR, 2019
Performing PPL POWA at S1, Portland, OR, 2018
Portrait from Boulevard Dreamers Showcase, Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL, 2018, Photo by Kirsten Leenaars and Lise Haller Baggesen

Still for H1BA performance video


Ariel’s Party: H1BA and Itsi, Hideout Inn, Chicago, IL
H1BA with Nada El Shazly, Grad Club, Kingston, ON
H1BA - Alienated Rhythm Performance, Ori Gallery, Portland, OR
Her Environment Fundraiser - Night Light : H1BA (Live set,) Digital Art Demo Space, Chicago, IL
Boulevard Dreamers Showcase: HIBA (Live set,) Fullerton Hall, Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL
DISCWOMAN - Technofeminism: H1BA & Thoom (Live & DJ Set,) Bossa Nova Civic Club, NYC
DISCWOMAN - Technofeminism: H1BA & Thoom (DJ set,) Lot Radio Mix, Lot Radio, NYC
H1BA Set, Story Bar, Native Hostel, Austin, TX
H1BA: DRMIX, EXP 0001_01 Music Festival, ATM Gallery, Austin, TX; Arranged by JP/p1nkstar/iLOVEYOU
H1BA: DRUM, EXP 0001_01 Music Festival, 21st Street Co-op, Austin, TX; Arranged by JP/p1nkstar/iLOVEYOU

A music-based altergo based on the U.S. "merit" based classification, H1B1 and project where I DJ and perform creating music inspired by the migrations, journeys, and explusions of my South Asian and East African ancestors.