migration as a layer, a food recipe as a layer, collage as a layer, a conversation as a layer

documentation photos courtesy of threewalls

for threewalls' in session 2018 program presented by joelle mercedes and hiba ali

there is a dynamic casualness and exciting intimacy in sharing food, joelle mercedes and hiba ali will be hanging out and consuming media within a domestic space. hiba and joelle will be preparing daal and plantains, food whose migration reveals the global passages of cultural exchange and commerce, “watching” t.v. featuring mahdi ehsai’s afro-iran: the unknown minority, krista franklin’s wanderlust wonderland collages and ana castillo’s watercolor women/opaque men, alongside with visual ephemera they have made and gathered. the duo, artists who are connected to the continents of africa, asia and the americas, would like to expand on the idea of digesting; the breaking down of food and the processing of ideas around origins, cultural identities, complicated histories of food, people and places.