shura city

collaboration with asher kohn and 유+웃 chait. in response to drone attacks and unlawful use of surveillance, a proposed city, shura city, exists as an alternative city-state model. the polity’s citizens through collective decision-making are able to live free of intrusion by state forces and enable us to think about the value of security and privacy.


  1. 2020 shura city screening, curated by vtape and cfmdc,oberhausen international short film festival, oberhausen, ge


  1. 2014 #everything all at once: an irl gif exhibition, white cube, london, uk; curated by 15 folds
  2. 2014 prak-sis mini n3w media festival, chicago, illinois, usa
  3. 2014 satellite, zhulong gallery, dallas, texas, usa; curated by aja martin
  4. 2013 drones (collaboration with asher j. kohn), eastern market, detroit, mi; curated by gallery project
  5. 2013 murmuration drone festival: shura city, the state, dubai, uae
  6. 2013 drones: a dual site exhibition at eastern market in detroit and ann arbor art center, ann arbor, michigan; curated by gallery project




  1. 2014 satellite: new media art exhibition at zhulong gallery, dallaslily & honglei, chinese society & culture in new media art
  2. 2014 zhulong gallery inaugurating exhibition ‘satellite’ in april issue, art in america magazine
  3. 2014 zhulong gallery presents systema opening reception, culture map dallas,
  4. 2014 learning to love the drone - the visuals of the vicious drone, louis meldma, current magazine.
  5. 2014 'drones' exhibit at ann arbor art center explores 'quintessential object of the 21st century', john carlos cantu, mlive
  6. 2014 a space that is not the battlefield, patrick syke, the polis blog