songs of the hs

2019 — 2024

the video piece connects the presence of breath found in the ھhحہہs letters and examines the guttural reverberations found at the back of the throat. the narrative is dedicated to queer ancestors spanning south india and iraq, goddesses, and the many bodied migration of the term "hijar/hagar," and is ultimately a celebration of a deep connection to the body cultivated through dance.

hiba_ali_songs_of_the_hs hiba_ali_songs-of-the-hs_NTP_Drinking-Gourd-2023_Photos_Mario%20Gallucci_1 hiba_ali_songs-of-the-hs_NTP_Drinking-Gourd-2023_Photos_Mario%20Gallucci_3

songs of the hs, duo-projection installation, oregon contemporary, curated by nat turner projects as part of the drinking gourd fellowship, portland, or. 2023, images by mario gallucci

in-progress songs of the hs