warming the tones of our heart and spirit

2022 — 2023

in warming the tones of our heart and spirit, we are greeted with the roots of three tropical herbs that hiba has been practicing with. ashwagandha, turmeric and cloves are used in food and for healing, calming and hygiene across africa, asia, the caribbean and latin america. due to the capital-colonial global supply chains, we might best know these herbs through their powders or fruit. here in this ar experience, hiba, introduces us to their roots. tuning to the body, warming the tones of our heart and spirit invites us to touch the roots of the three herbs, breathe through a guided-rooted meditation developed for the hypercity app, and embody the power of deep breath.

accompanying this project, hiba is offering free warming tea packets. these packets will be available at xpace cultural centre (303 lansdowne ave, toronto) from january 13 - march 18 while quantities last.

hiba-ali_warming-ar_2 hiba-ali_warming-ar_3 hiba-ali_warming-ar_1