black indian ocean series

the black indian ocean series, a reading group and film series that visualizes the histories and futures of african descent communities in the indian ocean region through curated film screenings and generative pedagogy. to access the reading material and archive, visit the substack.

the first event of series featured a screening of beheroze shroff’s compilation documentary, voices of the sidis, indians of african descent (2004- 2012), which features the sidi community of gujarat and examines the intangible cultural heritage of african descent communities. the conversation following the film included beheroze shroff and jasmin graves.

for the second event of the series featured sheila s. walker’s documentary, familiar faces/unexpected places: a global african diaspora, that examines the continued presences and cultural practices of the african diaspora in the americas, pacific, atlantic and the indian ocean region. the conversation following the film included janelle miller and sheila s. walker.

the third and momentary closing event of series featured nkosenathi ernie koela’s dissertation, seeds of the braced bow, and its related film that addressed the shared heritage of musical braced bow, known as the malunga, chitende and umakhweyana, from india, mozambique and kwazulu-natal /swaziland. the conversation following the film included nkosenathi ernie koela, beheroze shroff and jazmin graves.

the black indian ocean series is funded by savac (toronto) and the oregon humanities center’s endowment for public outreach in the arts, sciences and humanities.