sound of the whirlpool

2022 — 2023

for this 5-session course at la warman, we explored the role of our inner whirlpools. what's the sound of our inner whirlpools, oceans of thought and deep dives of memories? let's close our eyes and imagine spaces where we are cool and calm, what visions appear? in this 5-session course, inspired by virtual care lab (link), we created virtual whirlpools of solace. we learned blender, an open-source 3d animation software to edit and export 3d models and images to new art city, an open-source virtual art platform. with sound, we gave our virtual spaces spatiality and learned how to mix audio with reaper, a digital-audio-workstation software. we read about ideas surrounding digital portals through themes of design justice (link), ways to respond to capture-based technologies (ruha benjamin’s race after technology), consider the pandemic-as-a-portal (arundhati roy), and abolishing as a praxis (mariame kaba's we do this 'til we free us.)

tuning to the sound of the whirlpool, course (5 sessions), la warman, nyc, ny