an austin-based digital art series

hiba ali leading the reading group at atm gallery, austin, tx, 2018
hiba ali leading the blender workshop at atm gallery, austin, tx, 2018
devvyn rhodes performing at vytydygyty: prezences at museum of human achievement, austin, tx, 2018

the vytydygyty series is a digital art and community series, it addresses the contemporary mode of making art through digital tools, interfaces and systems of circulation. this series is cross-curated across contemporary art galleries, atm and moha and brings together austin-based artists regarding contemporary discourses on digital art, new media and community. this is an effort to collate, crossover and collaborate across contemporary art spaces and audiences in the city of austin. through a reading group, two open sources workshops with blender, 3d animation application and unity, a video game-making application and performative lectures.

the first part of the vytydygyty series feature a reading group about the role of the internet in art making and the evolving spaces of identities, politics and experiences on the internet. the topics mentioned in the text include networks, visualities, algorithms and control. this reading group introduces us to concepts we will be exploring in the workshop and performative-lecture series. for the reading group, we read willie osterweil's what we talk about when we talk about the internet, domenico quaranta's internet state of mind: where can medium specificity be found in digital art?, karen archey's bodies in space: identity, sexuality, and the abstraction of the digital and physical, and simone browne & zach blas' conversation: beyond the internet and all control diagrams and watched videos here.

a culminating zine from the blender workshop can be downloaded here. vytydygyty series explores creating video games, 3d sculpting, active-browsing and performing as a manifestation of our digital presence(s.) this series addresses the power of simulation to create spaces that reimagine the present through digital technologies.