watering the somatic oasis

"watering the somatic oasis" is a vr project that uses the immediacy of technologies and somatic techniques to “slow” down time. viewers are invited to put on the vr headset and tune it to the guided meditation. through stimulating digital water and bilateral movement techniques, this project restores slowness back into our bodies by regulating the nervous system. in the world of ai, internet and instant gratification, we are used to instant access to digital spaces. this "speeding up" of time affects our minds and spirits, causing time and our experiences of it to shorten and increase anxiety and rootlessness. through "watering the somatic oasis" vr project, we take time back for ourselves towards slowing down.

this project was developed as part of the dreaming beyond ai's "in the loop" residency. dreaming beyond ai is a multi-disciplinary and collaborative web-based project bringing together artists, researchers, activists, and policymakers to create new narratives and visions around ai technologies. dreaming beyond ai aims to enable understanding of the impact of ai technologies on inequality and to challenge mainstream ai narratives and imposed visions of the future. the “in the loop” theme of the residency invites artists to artistically explore, question, deconstruct, and play around our ideas, perceptions, and experiences of time and temporalities in the context of the ai discourse. with residency mentors, idil galip, moisés horta, neema githere, petja ivanova, and vanessa a. opoku., on october 28, the “in the loop” exhibition will be presented at kampnagel, hamburg, germany. the residents exhibited and share their artistic outputs and the dreaming beyond ai team will present the residency ideation and curation process in conversation with the public and a podcast was released documenting artist's creative approaches.

hiba_ali_watering_the_somatic_oasis_Deichtorhallen_Kampnagel_Diversify_the_Code_9820 hiba_ali_watering_the_somatic_oasis_370%20-%20231030_DBAI_Photodocumentation_MaischaSouaga116 hiba_ali_watering_the_somatic_oasis_364%20-%20231030_DBAI_Photodocumentation_MaischaSouaga110

hiba ali, watering the somatic oasis installation, three custom cushion, misting stations, chairs, misting stations, headphones and floor projection, 2023, images by maischa souaga and kampnagel.




watering the somatic oasis presentation at the diversify the code symposium, 2023, images by maischa souaga and kampnagel.

hiba_ali_republica_2024_berlin_dreaming_beyond_ai_4 hiba_ali_republica_2024_berlin_dreaming_beyond_ai_1 hiba_ali_republica_2024_berlin_dreaming_beyond_ai_2

in the loop – on artificial intelligence and time, curated by dreaming beyond ai, re:publica, berlin, germany